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    updated from 2.1.5 version to 2.1.6 and all the menus/styling is gone on the front end…this is getting really frustrating now!!! am on the verge of giving up on boss theme now

    Never ever seen such kind of thing with any paid theme in my life time and i hope i don't see it

    @tomchedd @michael @vapvarun



    Hi @wrkazigmail
    Sorry for inconvenience.
    Please flush your cache for the Better Minify plugin after update.
    At present you are minifying all css and js the files at your site, to be sure for Boss theme update issues please deactivate Better Minify for while.

    If you still have issues after deactivating Better Minify, Please let me know i will check at your site.
    Varun Dubey


    had done that already varun else wouldnt have raised a ticket…anyways cant take it anymore…am giving up on boss theme..close this ticket…and thanks for your time on my queries on boss theme…



    It has to be due to your minification on the server. The theme is tested over and over and nobody else has reported this. If the theme itself broke all menus and styling it would be immediately obvious everywhere.

    The latest update is very minor, it's impossible it could cause this.


    Sure it's my servers fault..rather my fault I bought ur theme in first place…how can you guys be wrong..

    Anyways shifted to kelo by seventhqueen and till now it's been smooth enough…

    Again I my apologies for blaming you..should have blamed my server…

    Best of luck guys and close this ticket …

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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