Yoga Detour

Yoga Detour is a website for Yoga practitioners to learn the Detour method. Created by Cecily Milne, the Detour method is a set of new movement techniques and exercises that afford a more balanced practice. Through online courses, training videos, and downloadable resources, learning and experiencing the Detour Method from anywhere in the world has become super easy.

One cool feature Yoga Detour members can get access to is the Detour Virtual Studio where they can practice with teachers from all over the world in a live session. There’s also a global member directory and a shop where members can buy YogaDetour merchandise.

Yoga Detour is powered by the BuddyBoss Theme and Platform, along with WordPress plugins like WooCommerce to sell Yoga Detour products and services, LearnDash for its learning management system, and Business Directory Plugin.

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