The BuddyBoss App is here!
The BuddyBoss App is here!
The BuddyBoss App is here!
BuddyBoss is an online course platform in Senegal allowing high school and secondary students to access teachers and educational content. Its objective is a better understanding of the lessons via various modern means, and also an assessment of the achievements in accordance with the program of the Ministry of National Education.
The features offered are:

1 / Course, Exercises, TD,… of the Official program in video format
The application, but also the web platform, offer several types of digital content by carefully selected teachers.
Each content is structured according to the official program of the Ministry of National Education and is accessible in OffLine mode
Each course has an excerpt to get an idea of ​​its content, but also a summary sheet that summarizes the course.
The learning path is free and allows each user to progress at their own pace, to self-assess with their own monitoring indicators.

2 / School network and social learning:
Users can interact with each other because the app allows you to personalize your community with complete profiles that allow members to share information about themselves whenever they want.
A page is dedicated to the flow of personal and group activities with discussion threads, direct messages, @mentions and an email notification system.
Members can organize themselves into public, private or hidden groups, with separate activity streams, discussion forums, resource sharing such as courses, documents, images, ...

3 / More features:
The application is very comprehensive. More than e-learning, the platform also offers the following features:
3.1 - A digital library providing quick access to downloaded courses and courses taken;
3.2 - A document manager to store, access and share digital files (word, excel, pdf, etc.)
3.3 - Real-time messaging and notifications;
3.4 - A blog and an agenda to benefit from advice, news and agenda of school events and in particular future competitions;
3.5 - An online store to buy subscriptions and go further in learning.

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