Access Phase 1 for Free, for Life!

The Back In Shape Program App is now live so you can follow along with your back rehab work and all the Phases direct from your iPhone:

Free Content:

Phase 1 Access: Allows you to follow the Phase 1 Program which is a series of educational lessons around your back and core. There are also a series of exercise coaching videos which help teach you specific exercises that you should be doing and how to do them correctly. Finally you've a full routine video that you can follow along with in real time multiple times a day, complete with coaching interjections to ensure you're doing the exercises correctly.

The free access gives you a flavour of what's included in the Premium Membership, you're able, in the Free Phase 1 Program, to log your progress through the lessons and pick up where you left off within the app.

Premium Content:

On upgrading through the three membership options, you unlock complete functionality of the app, this is primarily the access to the additional Phases and Libraries detailed below which are in the same format as the Free Phase 1.

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

The Flexibility Program (12 weeks)

The Q&A Library

The Livestream Library

You also get access to numerous other features, such as the social group for Premium members within the app which can be used to engage with other members at the Back In Shape Team, offering support and community on your Back In Shape Journey.

Access to the weekly live coaching calls is also possible with Premium Membership.

The features are being added to all the time as well as new videos and educational and exercise support content.

The three membership tiers, monthly, quarterly & yearly offer exactly the same benefits, there is simply a greater discount as you move through the tiers.

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