This hook has been deprecated. BuddyPress 2.5.0 Use the filters in BP_Email. $settings_link argument unset and deprecated instead.

apply_filters_ref_array( 'groups_notification_group_invites_message', string $value, BP_Groups_Group $group, string $inviter_name, string $inviter_link, string $invites_link, string $group_link, string $settings_link )

Filters the group invite notification message that will be sent to user.




(string) Invite notification email message text.


(BP_Groups_Group) Object holding the current group instance. Passed by reference.


(string) Username for the person doing the inviting.


(string) Profile link for the person doing the inviting.


(string) URL permalink for the invited user's invite management screen.


(string) URL permalink for the group that the invite was related to.


(string) Removed in 2.5; now an empty string.


File: bp-core/deprecated/buddypress/2.5.php


Version Description
BuddyPress 1.2.0 Introduced.


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