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Events Manager

In this tutorial you will see how Events Manager has been styled beautifully for BuddyBoss Theme, and how to install and configure Events Manager with the theme and the BuddyBoss Platform.

Setting up the plugin

You can integrate the Events Manager plugin with the BuddyBoss Theme and the BuddyBoss Platform to create community events and automatically generate a news feed (like a Facebook newsfeed) on your BuddyBoss Platform powered websites.

To set up the plugin and integrate with the BuddyBoss Platform:

  1. Install and activate the Events Manager plugin on your WordPress site through the admin dashboard.
Activating the plugins
  1. Go to Admin Dashboard > BuddyBoss > Settings > Activity > Posts in Activity Feed > Custom Post Types and mark the Events checkbox and click the Save Settings button to automatically generate an activity feed when a user creates an event.
Events Manager - Activity Feeds setting for BuddyBoss Platform
Activity Feeds setting for BuddyBoss Platform

Any custom post type that’s been registered by any plugin (for example Events Calendar Pro, WP Job Manager, Events Manager, LearnDash, etc.) can be chosen to be added in the Activity Feed via these settings.

  1. Go to Admin Dashboard > Events > Add Event to create a new community/group event. Add a title, time & date, a featured image, preferred BuddyBoss group to post to and other details and then click the Publish button.
Events Manager - Activity Feed Preview
Activity Feed preview for a newly posted event
Events Manager - Single Event Page Preview
Single Event Page Preview


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