Enabling Legacy Mode for Notifications API

With the release of BuddyBoss Platform v2.1.4 we have retired the original Email Preferences API code, for our new Notifications Preferences API. Basically out with old user Notifications Options and in with new and much improved Notification Options.

Notifications Preferences API

Some of you have already implemented the new Notifications Preferences as we released it under the Labs setting for optional use for customers to run in staging to check there were no compatibility issues with custom code which we released  in April 2022. Now after 6 months  we are removing this feature from the Labs setting and making it the new default Notification Preference component for all BuddyBoss users.

Using Legacy Email Notifications

For any developers using customer notifications through the legacy API (Old Style Notification Component), we recommend migrating to our newer Notifications API. We have a tutorial for this on our developer docs.

While we won’t be building upon the older legacy notifications system, we will continue to support a legacy mode for customers who haven’t updated to the newer API.

You can enable the legacy API by adding the following filter into your functions.php file on a Child Theme.

add_filter( 'bb_enable_legacy_notification_preference', '__return_true' );

After refreshing your frontend, go to Account – Email Preferences. You should now see the original Email Preferences

Account - Email Preferences

That is how you can use the Legacy Mode for further usage. For more information on using the new Notification feature see our Message Notifications.