BuddyBoss Theme - Version 1.1.8

Release date: Aug 14, 2019


  • Performance - Load 'Messages' and 'Notifications' dropdowns in header via AJAX, after page finishes loading
  • Privacy - When search icon was disabled in theme options, it was still showing for pages excluded from Privacy
  • Registration - Fixed alignment of the text 'or sign in' on register page
  • LearnDash - Fixed the Maximize/Minimize button on Lessons and Topics remembering current state
  • LearnDash - Fixed page flicker when moving between Lessons and Topics with 'Dark Mode' enabled
  • LearnDash - When using 'LearnDash Course Grid' and paginating to next courses, fixed double Grid/List view icons
  • LearnDash - When using 'Custom Question Ordering' with 'Randomize Order' option, the quiz layout was breaking
  • Elementor - Fixed animated widgets not working in LearnDash Lessons and Topics
  • Date Format - Fixed WordPress 'Date Format' setting not working in blog posts