BuddyBoss Theme - Version 1.1.7

Release date: Aug 05, 2019


  • Profiles - In profile dropdown, long names were getting cut off
  • Registration - With a lot of profile fields, the bottom of register screen was black
  • Notifications - Automatically fetch new Notifications in header icons, without page refresh
  • BuddyPanel - Fixed issues with sub-menus added to BuddyPanel
  • Password Reset - Fixed incorrect message asking for 'At least 12 characters' in the password
  • LearnDash - When viewing an 'Open' lesson while logged out, removed 'Login to Enroll' button
  • LearnDash - Fixed low resolution profile photo on [ld_profile] shortcode
  • LearnDash - Fixed issues with 'Matrix Sorting' question type in quizzes
  • LearnDash - Fixed Vimeo videos getting tall dimensions with certain LearnDash settings
  • LearnDash - Fixed incorrect number in Courses tab, when filtering courses by language with WPML plugin
  • WooCommerce - Fixed issue with saving settings in WooCommerce 'My Account' area
  • Translations - Fixed translation strings for LearnDash completion steps
  • Safari - Fixed text getting cut off in Safari browser
  • iPad - Fixed icons in header getting cut off on iPad browser
  • Errors - Fixed various PHP errors in certain situations