BuddyBoss Theme - Version 1.1.6

Release date: Jul 22, 2019


  • Profiles - In profile dropdown, the 'Privacy' menu was missing
  • Profiles - In profile dropdown, menus added from plugins were missing
  • Forums - Fixed PHP warning that sometimes displayed when replying with Media disabled
  • Blog Posts - Use 'Social Networks' profile field data for social links in '(BB) Post Author' widget
  • Post Types - Remove social share and related posts from custom post types
  • LearnDash - Allow raw video file paths to be used in Course Preview Video
  • LearnDash - On courses with video auto-progression, 'Mark Complete' button was not always working
  • LearnDash - Pagination on Courses index not always working
  • LearnDash - Page content added above 'LearnDash Course Grid' was showing below the Grid/List toggle
  • WooCommerce - Display shopping cart icon in header for logged out users
  • Translations - Fixed Cyrillic letters displaying incorrectly on Login page
  • Translations - Allow 'Topics' and 'Quizzes' translations to include multiple instances of plural for certain languages