BuddyBoss App - Version 2.0.00

Release date: May 30, 2023


  • Enhancement: Improved Moderation for Widgets
  • Enhancement: Improved Moderation for Forums
  • Enhancement: Improved Moderation for Activity Feed
  • Bug: Color of the Quick links icons on app pages is not changing
  • Bug: Image sizes are formatted inconsistently across different devices for forum replies
  • Bug: Mentioning users in blog post comments does not send notification
  • Bug: App Codex updated with missing and removed duplicate content
  • Bug: HTML block was rendering blank on Terms of Service or Privacy Policy app pages
  • Bug: Profile types that were automatically allowed in groups were showing loading spinner instead of content
  • Bug: Critical error caused on Android devices when using unsupported font types
  • Bug: Group message not available for users with existing 1:1 conversations
  • Bug: Deeplinks for child app menu pages not loading when sending Push Notifications
  • Bug: ‘Only Me’ privacy field not being saved correctly in app
  • Bug: Bookmark menu not loading as a quick link
  • Bug: RTL text headers being cut off the navigation title bar
  • Bug: Event Calendar Pro tickets were showing error on the checkout page in web-fallbacks
  • Bug: User avatar showed ‘Content Not Found’ from forums screens if they were blocked, instead of not being clickable
  • Bug: Vimeo videos showing spinner on Courses Screens
  • Bug: Critical error for app builds when BuddyBoss Platform is disabled, but Platform Pro was enabled
  • Bug: Multisite user ID and profile not loading on More Screen
  • Bug: Blog comments now fixed to allow for comments and replies
  • Custom Development: Extension to AppCheckbox to allow for squared checkboxes
  • Custom Development: New hooks to update author component on Blog, Topics and Courses blocks