BuddyBoss App - Version 1.9.7

Release date: Apr 19, 2023


  • Enhancement: Google Firebase API updated from Legacy to V1
  • Enhancement – Improved Moderation for Widgets
  • Fix: Android – Keyboard disappearing while selecting GIFs
  • Fix: Moderation – Critical Error when Blocking user from Messages screen
  • Fix: Groups – Permission issue with co-organizers unable to delete posts
  • Fix: Profiles – Non-selectable profile types could not update profile fields
  • Fix: LearnDash – Fatal error on Quizzes with HTML within question field
  • Fix: LearnDash – ‘No route found matching URL’ when completing Quizzes
  • Fix: LearnDash – Downloads unable when materials include a percent symbol in URL path
  • Fix: LearnDash – Mark as Complete on graded essay questions
  • Fix: LearnDash – Matrix Sorting and Drag and Drop styling updated
  • Fix: Media – Removed trailing slash from media links
  • Fix: Media – UI Styling on Photo Directory
  • Custom Development: New Hook – Page screen title