BuddyBoss App - Version 1.6.4

Release date: Aug 04, 2022


  • App Pages – New Feature! App Page Blocks now support colour customisation of the title and the background
  • Custom Development – New Feature! Custom components can now be added before or after each activity item. New hook – externalCodeSetup.activitiesScreenApi.{setBeforeActivitySingleComponent, setAfterActivitySingleComponent}`
  • Custom Development – New Feature! The action buttons list (comment, reply, etc.) on activity comment items is now customisable. New hook – externalCodeSetup.activitiesScreenApi.setActivityButtonsFilter
  • Custom Development – New Feature! The download button component on the right of the Single Course Screen header component is now customisable. New hook – externalCodeSetup.courseSingleApi.setHeaderRightComponent
  • Media – New Feature! New albums can now be created from the global Photos and Videos Screens in the App


  • Blogs – Updated url deep-linking to support navigation to Blogs Screen through post category and date urls
  • Custom Development – The BuddyBoss Bundler has been updated to allow overwriting of the main App’s app.json file to greater facilitate 3rd party library installation


  • Access Control – Corrected a number of small bugs found in the Access Control implementation
  • Activities – Corrected a crash that may occur on pressing the create activity button
  • Custom Development – Corrected the bug about stateUsename, statePassword, doLogin props being missing in the externalCodeSetup.authApi.setLoginButton hook.
  • Discussions – Corrected the UI bug about the creation time text on Discussion Reply items getting cut-off by long usernames
  • Discussions – Corrected the bug about the App not allowing to create new Discussions with only attachments
  • Groups – Corrected the UI bug about the cancel button on invite items on group Pending Invite screen getting cut-off by long usernames
  • LearnDash – Corrected the bug about Gamipress points not getting updated after completing Quizzes with H5P content
  • LearnDash – Corrected the UI bug about course description modal header getting cut-off by the notch on iPhones
  • Signup – Corrected the bug about the App sometimes showing the default registration form instead of the customised BuddyBoss registration form
  • Signup – Corrected the bug about the error alert on Signup screen not showing proper message
  • Translation – Corrected the bug about RTL/LTR switch alert sometimes appearing as blank instead of showing proper message
  • Universal Links/App Links – Corrected the bug with the external deep-linking feature that was preventing a new version installation of the app when Universal Links/App Links is enabled
  • Vimeo – Corrected the bug about private Vimeo videos sometimes not playing in the app
  • Web-fallback – Corrected the bug about keyboard sometimes overlapping input text areas on web-fallback pages