BuddyBoss App - Version 1.5.8

Release date: Jun 08, 2022


  • Activities – Improvements made in the activity UI for activities containing multiple videos
  • Activities – Minor styling improvements made in the activity layout for URL previews
  • Custom Development – Improved the schema structure of LearnDash Lessons to facilitate the support of custom fields in the downloaded lesson data for offline viewing
  • Custom Development – Internal improvements made in the default custom development repository metadata as an attempt to reduce build failures
  • Discussions – The Discussion replies list layout has been updated to show the replies in an ascending order based on creation date/time
  • Groups – Improved the post purchase and the post course enrolment experience by refreshing the user access control permissions after each successful purchase or course enrolment
  • In-App Browser – The In-App Browser has been updated to allow playing fullscreen videos on Android
  • Notifications – Notifications index screen has been updated to auto-refresh the notifications list upon receiving new push notifications
  • Security – Major improvements made to the JWT authentication flow in the App
  • Videos – The video player performance in Android has been improved by updating the default video player library used for Android


  • Activities – Corrected the bug about activity content not showing for activities about blog posts
  • App Pages – Corrected the bug about hyperlinks wrapping HTML heading tags not getting triggered on press
  • App Pages – Corrected the bug about forums order in the Forums block sometimes not matching the preview in the App Page editor
  • App Pages – Corrected the bug about multiline caption below Audio block overlapping with the audio player
  • Documents – Corrected the bug about a document that was cancelled prematurely while uploading still appears during a new document upload
  • Groups – Corrected the bug about group members being unable to comment on group activities when the activity create permission in that group is restricted to “Organisers and Moderators Only”
  • LearnDash – Corrected the bug about Vimeo videos in LearnDash contents not playing automatically when Auto-start is enabled
  • LearnDash – Corrected the bug about HTML tables not showing on LearnDash Quizzes
  • Notifications – Corrected the bug about push notification count badge appearing on app icons even when no user is logged into the app
  • Photos – Corrected the bug about downloaded photos sometimes getting saved without proper file extension
  • Profile – Corrected the bug about the user handle for the logged-in user on More screen showing user nickname instead of the users’ @ mention name
  • Signup – Corrected the bug about code verification not working when a user whose sign up is pending, logs in with username instead of email address
  • Translation – Correct the bug about RTL layout persisting even after switching sites in a multisite app