BuddyBoss App - Version 1.4.8

Release date: Mar 24, 2022


  • App Pages – New Feature, header title can now be changed directly from the App Pages editor
  • Branding – Support for font icons has been implemented
  • Custom Development – New feature, activity item separator is now customizable
  • LearnDash – New feature, the texts in the download popups are now translatable
  • Security – New feature, the BuddyBoss app now comes with the option to restrict cleartext HTTP traffic


  • Albums – Improved the way styling is applied in the album creation and photo selection flow to support darker themes
  • Photos – Improved photo viewer experience for activities with multiple photos
  • LearnDash – Improved the user experience of viewing quiz certificates
  • Groups – Improved the private group join request feedback experience in groups index screen


  • Activity – Corrected the activity editing experience of changing groups
  • Compatibility – External linking is now compatible with Android version 11 and above
  • Compatibility – LearnDash content downloading is now compatible with Android version 10 and above
  • Content – Corrected the styling applied on screen title in the list header used in index screens
  • Groups – UI correction made in group activities screen header
  • Groups – Resolved a crash that may occur on accepting the same group request by multiple admins or moderators
  • In-app Browser – Fixed the intermittent missing of the back navigation button in web fallback screens
  • LearnDash – Resolved a crash that may occur on opening quizzes
  • LearnDash – Corrected UI for courses with no description
  • Messages – UI correction made in the conversion list in the messages thread screen
  • Moderation – Resolved a crash that may occur on reporting activities