BuddyBoss App - Version 1.3.7

Release date: Oct 27, 2021


  • Custom Development – Added a hook to customize the activity post like button component
  • Custom Development – Added a hook to customize the blog list item component
  • Custom Development – Added the ability to import core screens and use them as custom components
  • Content – Added translations for “Photos Library”, “Camera” and “Cancel” buttons
  • Content – Added translations for edit group details screen input headers


  • Language – RTL and LTR layout now depends explicitly on the site’s language


  • LearnDash – Topic screen complete button will no longer show two times
  • Profile – Viewing another user then editing their profile will no longer lead to a crash
  • Notifications – Long messages are now full readable when clicking a notification
  • Activities – Fixed crash when activities failed to fetch
  • Content – Fixed sign up screen header animation when screen does not need to scroll
  • Content – Navigation header is now responsive when switching from landscape and portrait
  • Content – All semibold fonts will now work on Android phones
  • Groups – Group feed comment and like buttons render properly after leaving and joining the group
  • Forums – Fixed a crash on older Android SDK phones when visiting the forums index screen
  • Deeplinking – Clicking profile deeplinks will no longer crash when viewing the app as a guest
  • Deeplinking – Fixed UI on Logged-in Member screens after deeplinking