BuddyBoss App - Version 1.3.5

Release date: Oct 13, 2021


  • Added a hook to modify the menu items on the More screen
  • Custom Development – Added a hook to add a custom headerLeft component to the App Page navigation header
  • Custom Development – Added a hook to modify the BuddyBoss App’s navigation stack
  • Custom Development – Added a hook to modify footer components on LearnDash lesson and topic screens
  • LearnDash – Quiz materials added in LearnDash 2.5.3 are now supported
  • Registration – While on the Code Verification screen the app will automatically check if a user has verified their account from another device and log them in once verified
  • Content – Users can now @mention other users in activity posts and comments, blog comments, and forum replies


  • Custom Development – Changed setBeforeSearchInputComponent and setAfterSearchInputComponent hooks by passing only necessary props
  • Messages – Automatically refreshing the messages list when tapping a message notification


  • Web Fallbacks – Fixed a situation where some url query parameters were causing web page to load
  • Web Fallbacks – Fixed some deeplinks that caused navigation to happen twice
  • Web Fallback – Preventing multiple navigations when a link is double clicked
  • Offline Support – Failed vimeo vimeo downloads will no longer send additional requests
  • Content – Fixed the color of the Delete button when selecting videos and photos to delete
  • Content – Links now render properly in Table blocks
  • Content – Fixed the alignment of the members advanced search button on iPhone 11 Pro / 11 Pro max phones
  • General – App will no longer crash after activating the Push Notification component
  • Groups – Users will now see hidden group invites
  • Groups – Line breaks will now show in Group descriptions
  • Forums – Line breaks will now show in Forum replies