BuddyBoss App - Version 1.3.2

Release date: Sep 01, 2021


  • Custom Development – Keeping device awake while development session is active


  • Messaging – Loading messages in small batches to allow for faster loading times
  • Messaging – Improved app performance for long lists of messages
  • Reporting – Improved the process of reporting content by identifying the type of content the user is reporting
  • Activity – Improved the UI design of activity blog posts
  • Content – Terms of service and privacy policy links are shown on the Settings screen if the In-App Purchases component is enabled


  • Documents – Searching on the document index screen now displays the correct search results
  • Branding – Handling cases where conflicting colors result in back button being hidden on LearnDash screens
  • Deeplinking – Activity deeplinks now work as intended
  • Content – Fixed a typo on the Forgot Password screen
  • Content – Corrected the spacing of the Forgot Password screen submit button
  • Content – Fixed more screen menu icons not showing
  • Content – Fixed the Developer Session screen and setting item titles
  • Content – Fixed crash when clicking “Load More” on Embed app blocks
  • Content – Fixed images periodically failing to load
  • Messaging – When selecting message recipients the list of members is paginated in order to handle long lists
  • Activity – Fixed android crash when posts contain embedded vimeo videos
  • Discussions – Fixed deleting forum discussions
  • LearnDash – Fixed an issue where quizzes can not be started after video is completed in lessons with video progression enabled
  • In-App Purchases – Fixed crash when purchasing non-comsumable products