BuddyBoss App - Version 1.2.1

Release date: Jun 10, 2021


  • Custom Development – App no longer crashes when using the blocksApi
  • In-App Purchases – Fixed Products screen intermittently not showing
  • Messaging – The option to message a member is working correctly with the BuddyBoss Platform Connections settings “Require non-admin members to be connected before they can message each other”
  • Settings – Fixed critical error when exporting data
  • Content – Removed white flash when viewing terms of service and privacy policy on the sign up screen
  • Profile – Improved a UI issue with the multi-select form input visible when a long list of items are selected
  • Profile – Fixed saving of profile when multiple checkboxes are selected for a single profile field.
  • LearnDash – Video progression works as intended in quizzes
  • LearnDash – Embedded iframe videos now work with video progression
  • LearnDash – Fixed an issue with materials’ text color and formatting
  • Groups – Improved branding consistency of member role labels on the Groups index screen