BuddyBoss App - Version 1.1.9

Release date: Jun 03, 2021


  • Web Fallbacks – Added support for opening embedded Wistia videos in full-screen
  • Login – Added a checkbox for accepting legal agreements


  • Libraries – Upgraded the React Native IAP library to version 4.6
  • Libraries – App is now using version 3.0 of the Google Play Billing Library
  • Private Messaging – Reduced the line spacing between message text
  • LearnDash – Improved the visibility of the “Completed” text on Lesson and Topic screens


  • Push Notifications – Google Firebase no longer initializes when the Push Notifications component is disabled
  • Web Fallbacks – Scrolling fixed within web fallbacks on Android devices
  • Web Fallbacks – Site header no longer shows incorrectly after closing ads
  • Deep Linking – App no longer crashes when opening certain WordPress pages as web fallbacks
  • Social Groups – Group descriptions are now always using the correct text colors
  • Activity Feeds – Disabling Likes on activity posts no longer also disables the ability to report the post
  • Member Profiles – Resolved an issue with some profile fields showing empty
  • Member Profiles – Fixed searching by Gender in the Advanced Search
  • Notifications – The timestamps in notifications can now be translated
  • Photos – Resolved an issue preventing certain users from downloading photos
  • LearnDash – Mark Complete button disabled on sample content
  • GamiPress – App no longer crashes when opening the Badges screen