BuddyBoss App - Version 1.1.3

Release date: May 12, 2021


  • Settings – Restore purchases now has a menu icon.


  • Documents – Text field placeholder and text color is visible on dark themes when uploading files or creating folders.
  • Documents – App no longer crashes when deleting a folder.
  • LearnDash – Showing the correct number of total quizzes.
  • LearnDash – Videos are shown when adding a video url to video progression field in topics.
  • LearnDash – Android no longer fails to upload essay files.
  • LearnDash – Admins are able to start closed courses.
  • Vimeo – All private videos are playing in app.
  • Web Fallback – Android no longer shows a blank web view before navigating to actual web page.
  • Web Fallback – iOS tab bar no longer hides the bottom portion of web pages when in the tab bar.
  • Content – Using input field translations set in plugin on Login Information and Privacy Settings screens.
  • Messages – No longer crashes when showing iframes on Android.
  • Messages – Fixed the issue where messages feed could not be scrolled to the bottom when messaging a member directly from the profile screen.
  • Blog – Social share button are shown depending on related BuddyBoss Platform setting.
  • Activity – Limiting number of image/video attachments per post depending on related BuddyBoss Platform setting.
  • Activity – Creating a post with multiple images does not create multiple activity updates.
  • Activity – Reply and delete buttons are shown when viewing a single activity.
  • Profile – Member’s name text color does not change regardless of whether the member has a cover image or not.
  • Groups – In the group index list, group role is visible on buttons with dark background colors.
  • Groups – “My groups” filter number is updated when leaving a group.