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Version 1.7.0Release Date February 23, 2016Updated October 21, 2020Compatible to: WP 4.9+, BP 2.9+ Video Tutorials

Launch a Cutting Edge MarketPlace site

Social MarketPlace gives you the tools you need to create your own online marketplace. It takes full advantage of WooCommerce and WC Vendors, and adds all the missing elements that make a truly amazing MarketPlace.

Allow members to set up their own shop, with WC Vendors Integration

Your members will love the ability to set up and configure their own store. They can customize their shop and brand it their way. With customizable cover photo, store logo, social media links and description, the amount of control and easy configuration will blow their mind.

Note: WC Vendors Pro is sold separately.

Allow your members to apply to become Vendors...You have complete control

You probably don't want every member to start selling products without your approval.

With the customizable sign up form, you can allow members to send an application for your approval. They can enter general store information, payment information and Social Media links, for your review.

The Vendor Dashboard, gives your vendors a complete overview of their store

The dashboard allows your vendors to see how they're doing and to track and measure the performance of their shop. Your vendors can view recent orders, recent products, numbers of orders, total products sold, commission owed, commission paid, with cool graphs. They can also control that data they view, based on a specific period of time.

Product Management, for Vendors

Once their application has been accepted, your vendors can add and configure their own products through a customizable product form. They can set pricing, description, product photos, stock quantity and much more. With this total control, you can be assured that your vendors will not send you an email every time they need to make a change. You can of course customize the form from the WordPress admin section.

Order Tracking, for Vendors

Allow your vendors to track their orders, print shipping labels, and export orders to a CSV file, which can easily be imported into Excel and Google Spreadsheets. This feature is key for store management.

Coupon Management, for Vendors

Vendors can also create their own coupons for their own shops. They can configure all coupons aspects, including coupon value, validity, limits and restrictions.

Automated Commissions

Vendor commissions are automatically taken care of. Vendors will set up their payment information by adding their PayPal account. Payments are automatically distributed on each sale. You can setup a percentage or fixed commission rate, and an optional transaction fee. You can also easily track commissions and view payment status. With the new Stripe integration plugin, you can even charge and distribute commissions via Stripe.

Purchase History and Order Tracking, for Customers

Allow customers to track their orders and view their purchase history. This will greatly reduce support requests and give customers full visibility over their transactions.

eBay Style Vendor Feedback

Customers can easily provide feedback on their purchases, via the Feedback page, a la eBay. They give a rating as well as a comment on each product they have purchased.

Easily search for products site-wide, with advanced filters

A great products page is a key element of an e-commerce site. Provide your current and potential customers with a great shopping experience. Advanced filtering and categories will allow them to quickly find what they're looking for.

Favorite Products and Stores

The favorites feature allows customers to add products and stores to their favorites list. They can easily go back to their favorite stores and products at a later time.

Search and Browse through Stores

Searching for a specific shop? The shops page displays all the shops available in the marketplace. The search feature will allow you to quickly find the shop you're looking for.

Ask a Question

It's quite common for buyers to have questions about a product. The "Ask a question" feature allows them to do just that! We've linked the "Ask a question" button with the BuddyPress messaging component, allowing potential buyers to initiate a conversation with a store owner. No need to answer questions on behalf of the store owners, questions will go straight to them.

Search and Find Shop Owners

Looking for a specific shop owner? The sellers page displays all the vendors available in the marketplace. The search feature will allow you to quickly find the seller you’re looking for.

Visual Composer Integration

We've integrated with Visual Composer to allow you to create your own custom pages. We've also included nearly a dozen custom elements to help you quickly set up your pages.

Build a stunning home page and greet your visitors the right way!

When it comes to E-commerce, your home page is often the first impression potential customers will have. We've created a number of Visual Composer elements, to allow you to put together the best home page possible.

Easily Customizable

Our team has spent hundreds of hours designing a theme that is both simple and intuitive, yet looks very modern and is highly customizable. Social Marketplace's design will work well with both simple and heavy customizations, making it suitable for almost any marketplace site. With extensive theme and E-commerce functionality options you will have no trouble setting up your ideal MarketPlace website.

Multilingual Support

MarketPlace comes with language files, so you can easily translate it into your language. We support customers from all around the world.

Social Login Integration

Make it easy for people to join your network. MarketPlace integrates fully with the most popular, free social login plugin on the market "WordPress Social Login", giving you the ability to integrate with 26+ sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google.

Extend your customization abilities with a Powerful Admin Panel

Manage layout, font, colors, logos, cover photos, and more... Easily add custom code, optimize scripts, and import/export your options. You should never have to configure your theme more than once!

Easily replicate our demo with the One Click Installer

Using our One Click Installer, you can clone our entire demo to your server in less than 10 minutes, with just the click of a button. See how it works →

Beautifully Responsive

Custom Logos

MarketPlace lets you upload your own logo into the site header and the admin login screen. You can also edit the colors and fonts in the login screen for a branded experience.


MarketPlace is ready for translation into the language of your choice. You can edit all of the text using the included translation files or with a WordPress translation plugin.

Sitewide Search

Search through every BuddyPress component, and every portfolio component, all in one unified search bar with a live dropdown of results, perfectly styled for MarketPlace.

Live Notifications

MarketPlace comes with real-time notifications in the toolbar, showing you messages, friend requests and more without having to refresh the page.

SEO Ready

MarketPlace is designed to be properly indexed by Google, and to integrate easily with content delivery networks and server caches for optimal performance.

Font Icons

The entire FontAwesome icon set is integrated into MarketPlace to display beautiful, retina-quality icons throughout the theme. Choose from 500+ icons.

Secure Code

MarketPlace uses coding best practices to ensure that it is fast and secure. We follow WordPress and BuddyPress coding standards.

Retina Ready

MarketPlace uses ultra crisp icons and graphics so it will look stunning on retina displays and high definition phones and tablets. All theme assets are retina ready.

Theme Options

Easily create a totally custom color scheme and make the site your own. Every major element can be changed from the advanced theme options panel.

Everything you need, and more!

MarketPlace comes packed with features that will help you in every step of the way. From features that make setting up your site a fun experience, to features that help create an amazing user experience, MarketPlace always has you covered!

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What's Included

The MarketPlace package includes:

WC Vendors Pro is sold separately.

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Frequent Updates

We are constantly adding features based on customer feedback. New updates are sent right into your dashboard for an easy one-click update.

Narrated Video Tutorials

MarketPlace comes with video tutorials to guide you through every step, from basic setup to custom CSS. Our video library is constantly growing.

Outstanding Support

We take support seriously, and employ a dedicated support team and ticketing system. With our knowledgeable staff, we've always got you covered.

Social MarketPlace is trusted by

  • SHOP JW is a family run Marketplace that brings worldwide creators together to build and sell beautiful products.

    The growing and beautifully customized platform is powered by the Social MarketPlace solution.

  • The GPBox – The Motorsport Marketplace. The one stop Motorsport shop for F1 gifts, art posters and memorabilia.
    The platform uses Social MarketPlace to run their growing community of buyers and sellers.

and over a thousand other customers & businesses

Our customers appreciate our Outstanding Support


Jun 5

Anve always does a great job. I am very thankful to have her help when I can‘t figure out what to do. Her service is one of the best reasons to use this theme.


Jun 6

Got answers to all i needed so quick and fast, do not know why i did not select this theme and plugin in October last year when i started the site. it would saved me for so much headache.


Jun 23

Your customer support is ALWAYS top notch. You guys take care of your customers.


Jun 18

Always very willing and eager to help and it’s extremely appreciated!


Jun 21

Best support. Let me know if you guys want me to put it up somewhere else also. Exceptional support it is.


Jun 23

Fantastic suppose by John, he’s a god of the CSS world! ps: Might have some follow up questions based on some CSS with the buddyboss mobile app, I‘m loving the theme!


Jul 24

The support team was prompt and efficient in handling my request. It didn’t take too much time like I thought it would.


Aug 11

John is a bas-ass trouble shooter. Currently we are collecting money to raise a statue over here in Holland at the marketplace in our town to honour him. Hail Buddy Boss!


Aug 1

Every question has received a very fast and effective response – thanks!

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