Group Subscriptions, Post Bookmarking & More – Monthly Product Update (March 23)

Welcome to BuddyBoss’ monthly product update! As always, we’ve been working hard improving our platform and app to bring you the best possible user experience. This month, we’ve introduced new features, enhanced security, and fixed bugs to make your experience even better. Keep reading for an exclusive sneak peek at what’s new in BuddyBoss.

BuddyBoss Platform

BuddyBoss Platform saw some exciting new features, improvements and bug fixes last month. Here’s a quick recap of what we did last month.

What’s New

Let’s start by sharing what’s new in BuddyBoss platform, with the main spotlight on Group Subscriptions.

Group Subscriptions

Group Notification

The Group Subscriptions feature is now available for BuddyBoss! Group members can now click the bell icon to subscribe to the group. This will allow them to be notified whenever a new post is submitted in the group. Users can also manage all their Subscriptions on the Notification Settings.

Show Relevant Activity on ‘Latest Activities’ Widget

Group Notifications

Previously, we had the option to show relevant posts on the Activity Feed directory screen. Now, we provided the same option for the ‘Latest Activities’ widget as well. Thank you once again for your insightful suggestion and for helping us to continually improve our product.

Enhancements to The Existing Features

Our continuous dedication to improve upon the foundation has continued this month, with several enhancements made to BuddyBoss platform features. Some of the highlights include:

  • We’ve made some improvements to how we moderate private messages, which means you can now better monitor and control what’s being sent. But we’re not stopping there – we’re still working on even more tools to make sure everything stays safe and appropriate for everyone. These updates are all part of a bigger effort to improve moderation across the board, and we’ll be rolling out new components bit by bit in the coming releases.
  • Zoom has made a change to their platform and replaced the “Verification Token” field with a new one called “Security Token”. As a result, we have updated our own system to reflect this change by also replacing “Verification Token” with “Security Token”. This means that if you had previously saved a verification token, you’ll need to save a new security token from the Zoom JWT app.

Bugs Solved This Month


We’ve worked tirelessly to resolve bugs and issues across the BuddyBoss platform. Here are the highlights of the work.

  • The BuddyBoss Platform has resolved several important issues with its dashboard and forums components. Updating groups through the dashboard was causing problems, particularly when the forums component was not enabled. 
  • For forums, issues with the discussion and reply editor were addressed, and an import issue related to XenForo was also fixed.
  • The network search feature had several issues, including problems with the course layout and search for blog posts, as well as a content visibility issue for private or hidden groups. These issues have been resolved. 
  • Additionally, a critical issue with the group details endpoint in the API has also been resolved.
  • Other issues that have been resolved include a duplicate email notification issue and performance improvement for non-logged-in users. 
  • The team also conducted significant code refactoring to address PHP 8 warnings, notices, and deprecation errors. 

Check the BuddyBoss Platform & Platform Pro changelog in details from here & here.

BuddyBoss Theme

Several issues related to the BuddyBoss theme have been addressed. The team has resolved a profile cover layout issue, which was causing problems for users. Additionally, the tags field suggestion problem has also been fixed.

For LearnDash lessons, a video progression issue was resolved. Some UI issues related to LearnDash have also been addressed. These changes are expected to enhance the user experience on the BuddyBoss platform and ensure that users can seamlessly navigate through the various features available.

Check the BuddyBoss theme changelog in details from here.

BuddyBoss App

BuddyBoss app is where we spend a lot of our resources, as every month we make sure to provide as many new features as possible, while enhancing the existing feature and solving the bugs.

What’s New in BuddyBoss App

Let’s start by talking about what new features we introduced for the BuddyBoss app.

Post Bookmarks

Post Bookmarking

In recent times, we’re seeing the trend of using the blog post feature more and more by the app owners to increase engagement. With that in mind, we’ve launched a blog post bookmarking feature that allows app users to save blog posts to a single page for reading later. This addition will improve engagement with the content you create and help users keep track of their favorite posts. More improvements to the blog posts will be available soon.

Group Subscriptions

Group Notification

Like the BuddyBoss platform, Group Subscription is also rolled out to the BuddyBoss app users. It works the same way as it does in BuddyBoss platform, but using it from mobile is even more convenient. 

Enhancements to The Existing Features

The BuddyBoss App has also undergone some improvements, which may not be immediately visible but will contribute to a better performance and a more modern native app experience.

The team plans to continue updating the app libraries regularly to enhance the overall experience. Specifically, the Reanimated Library has been updated to v2.14, the Gesture Handler Library has been updated to v2.9, and the image API response time has been improved.

Bugs Solved This Month


The app team have fixed a wide range of reported bugs and issues in the last month. The fix list is far too long to show here, but ultimately we remain committed to fixing any reported issues and integrations as quickly as we can. If you haven’t seen our 2023 BuddyBoss Update video, we’re pleased to share that we’ve fixed 81% of the app reported bugs to date. Here is a highlight of the bugs we resolved in the last month.

  • Fixed various app crashes when opening the app, accessing notification settings, downloading files, and disabling Repeater Sets
  • Improved device-specific updates for iOS and Android, including fixes for file blocks, video player, filter modal height, branding colors, back button, and more
  • Fixed various bugs across the BuddyBoss App, including issues with activity, media, messaging, notifications, profile, forums, connections, member access controls, multisite, moderation, blog, tab bar, settings, in-app purchases, branding, icons, and deeplinks
  • Improved native integration with LearnDash with bug fixes and improvements for quiz order, assignment upload button visibility, answer option values, course feature images, fill in the blank quizzes, scheduled topics, materials padding, quiz timer, and course content title
  • Fixed GamiPress integration issues with notifications, achievements, and ranks
  • Miscellaneous fixes for translation, app pages, and compatibility with PHP 8.2


That wraps up our monthly product update for BuddyBoss. We hope you’re as excited about these new features and improvements as we are! As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. Thanks for choosing BuddyBoss!

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