Migrating from Social Learner to BuddyBoss for LearnDash + Q&A :)

Jun 14 2019 - 3 MINS READ

We’ve just sent out an email earlier today about our new BuddyBoss Platform.

After we sent out the email, the response was incredible!

And that made our demo servers crash….for about an hour!  🙂

When you create a demo on BuddyBoss.com, we create a clone/sandbox just for you, so you can test everything out. But, with everyone coming onto the website earlier today, our servers couldn’t keep up and crashed. We were able to resolve the issue within the hour. And now, you can have access to demos again!

We also received questions from many Social Learner users about what will happen to Social Learner. Following are some of the questions, and the responses.

  • Is this an update to Social Learner ?

No. This is an entirely new product, that we’ve been building for the last 2 years.

It runs on our new BuddyBoss Platform.

  • What will happen to Social Learner ? Will BuddyBoss continue to update it and provide support for it ?

Absolutely! Social Learner is a product used by thousands of sites, and we will continue to update and provide support for it. Nothing changes there!

So if you have an active licence for Social Learner, you will continue to receive updates and support.

  • If I am happy with Social Learner, and want to continue using it, how does this launch affect me ?

You are free to continue using Social Learner, and we will continue to provide updates and support for it. You are not required to move to the new Platform.

  • I love the new Platform, how do I migrate ?

This question has been the most popular since we pushed the new BuddyBoss Platform live earlier this week and even before we even sent out the email to everyone :).  

So we’ve made a video where we go through the process step by step. You can watch the video here:

You will need to purchase a new license for the new BuddyBoss Platform.

We’re offering an exclusive coupon to all our friends and existing customers, for a 30% discount.

Use coupon code: EXCLUSIVE30OFFBB.

This is a limited time offer.

Feel free to our reach out to [email protected], if you have further questions.

Our support team will be happy to assist!

CEO & Co-founder at BuddyBoss & AppBoss