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  • Editor Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Download Link: MemberPress plugin
  • Plugin version: 1.1.7
  • We tested with: WordPress 4.0, BuddyPress 2.1.1
  • Author: MemberPress
  • Price: $99

Want an easy way to create membership subscriptions and charge for access?
MemberPress could be the plugin for you.

MemberPress Functionality

MemberPress is a WordPress membership plugin, a perfect compliment to your BuddyPress-powered social network. It allows you to create, manage and track membership subscriptions as well as digital products. You can grant or revoke access to WordPress content based on the products your members have purchased – including pages, posts, categories, community areas and more.



MemberPress includes an extensive reporting area in your admin, showing how many paid subscribers you have, how much money you’ve earned, which products are selling, etc. You can export report data to a CSV.

Payment Gateway Integration

MemberPress integrates with PayPal, and Stripe to accept payments for subscriptions and digital downloads. Setup is straightforward, just enter your payment gateway’s API key.

Theme Compatibility

MemberPress does not require a special membership theme, meaning you can use it with your existing theme. Of course, we recommend our super responsive BuddyBoss theme.


The plugin is designed to work out-of-the-box with Affiliate Royale, an affiliate plugin that comes packaged with the Business and Developer Editions of MemberPress.

Other Features

  • Customizable pricing page layouts
  • Content dripping
  • bbPress integration
  • Coupons
  • Extensible via actions and filters


Installation takes just a couple of minutes. First you will need to purchase MemberPress, choosing either the Business Edition at $99 or the Developer Edition at $199.


After purchasing MemberPress, head over to Plugins > Add New and click Upload Plugin. Upload the file you received upon purchase, and activate it. Then make sure to enter your product activation key at MemberPress > Activate.

From there, you will see a host of configuration options.


You’ll see configuration panels for:

  • Productscreate subscription products
  • Groupscreate a features comparison page
  • Rulesrestrict access to content
  • Couponscreate coupon codes
  • Reminders – send automated emails to members
  • Subscriptionsview member’s subscription info
  • Transactionsview purchase data
  • Reports view charts showing sales and membership data
  • Options – configure plugin options

The configuration panels are simple to figure out. And if you get lost, MemberPress has extensive documentation with well organized tutorials and videos.


MemberPress is a fully featured membership subscription plugin. We found it to be easy to configure and understand, and the tutorials are among the best we’ve seen for any plugin. With all of the options available, and considering your members will begin paying you once the plugin is set up, it’s an easy buy at $99. If you’re running a membership site and looking to restrict content or charge your members, you should definitely consider MemberPress.

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  1. On my WordPress site I have a blog and a podcast.
    Install MemberPress, or another membership plugin of my choice.
    Set the membership plugin to sell membership access to the blog and podcast.
    Set up 4 tiers, each with access to more content.

    Recent content means content less than 3 weeks old.
    Past content means content from today back in time including the oldest content.
    You will limit one tier (subscriber level) to access only recent content, while the next tier has access to resent and past content, and a third tier can access all content, past, recent and future.

    Set up Tier (Basic) for recent content access.
    Set up Tier (Pro) for recent and all past content
    Set up Tier (Pro Plus) for all of the above plus additional posts.

    Set it up for the Author to be able to choose the tier when they create, or edit, the post.

    Set it up so Basic users can see Pro posts/podcasts but they are locked. If they attempt to open them, they are taken to the ‘upgrade your subscription’ page to enable access. This is to encourage upselling to a higher tier.

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