Introducing BuddyPress for LearnDash


We’re excited to bring education to BuddyPress, and we’ve partnered with LearnDash to give you a free integration with their amazing LearnDash features.

Our new plugin, BuddyPress for LearnDash, creates a seamless bridge between BuddyPress and the LearnDash LMS plugin, allowing you to create courses on your BuddyPress site and easily associate them with groups and forums, so your students can discuss the course and share their progress in one central, private place.

Stay tuned for a full Boss theme integration with LearnDash, coming soon… Subscribe (in the footer) to our newsletter to be alerted when it is released in the coming weeks.

BuddyPress for LearnDash

BuddyPress for LearnDash Features

BuddyPress Groups

Easily tie any LearnDash Course to a BuddyPress Group.

  • Course participants automatically get added as members to the group
  • Group becomes private to course participants and invited members
  • Course Lessons become visible at the group
  • Course activity gets streamed into the group feed (optional)
  • Forum gets added to the group (if bbPress is enabled)
  • Course featured image becomes group avatar (if no group avatar has been set)

BuddyPress Activity

Activity is one of the core features of BuddyPress, allowing users to interact with each other in real-time. When a course is tied to a group, course actions are optionally added to the group’s activity stream. Group admins can determine which actions to allow in their group, including:

  • User starts a course
  • User completes a course
  • User creates a lesson
  • User completes a lesson
  • User creates a topic
  • User completes a topic
  • User passes a quiz
  • User comments on single lesson page

BuddyPress Members

  • Your members can view their Active and Completed courses in their profiles.
  • Leaders and Students get added as filterable tabs in your Members directory.
  • All LearnDash user links redirect to member profiles (instead of author pages).

bbPress Forums

If bbPress is enabled, a forum will be tied to every “course group” automatically, using the same name as the course for the forum title. Group members can then discuss the course in one central location.


  1. Hi Michael-

    Just writing to say we are thrilled to have this integration with LearnDash. Excited to see the integration between LearnDash and the Boss theme!

    Keep up the great work you and the rest of the folks at BuddyBoss do everyday.


    Justin Ferriman
  2. So happy about this 🙂 When do you think Social Learner for LearnDash will be released? I have a few clients courses to design this month and would love to try a new theme with LearnDash!

      1. Yes…I posted in the support forums a few hours ago. (Sorry about the post above…feel free to delete it as I didn’t realize I was in the wrong place when I posted this morning)

        Thanks TJ!

  3. I just downloaded Buddy Press For Learndash plugin. Not really familiar with Buddypress in general Wondering if there’s any documentation or user’s guide that explains how to use both plugins together.

  4. Hi, my name is TJ, too.

    I am interested in developing paid membership site or online course for foot surgeons. I am trying to teach how to become successful in private practice with patient-pay model. So i can have marketing lessons, sales lessons, how to set up a nice office, as well as nice forum communication among members, gamification like badges, etc

    I am totally new to buddypress or learndash. I have kajabi account, but it is limited as far as building social membership platform.

    it is kind of confusing which plugins i need? LearnDash, Boss theme?
    which ones are plugins and which ones are themes?

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