Digital Access Pass

BuddyBoss and Digital Access Pass (DAP) integration ensures you can create an advanced Membership & Community Site.
Membership Plugins

DigitalAccessPass (DAP) is the most complete, all-in-one WordPress Membership Plugin that will allow you to easily Convert ANY WordPress Site into a fully automated membership site.

You can use DAP to:

  • Create & deliver your freebies.
  • Charge for your products in many different ways – one-time payment, free/paid trial, payment plan, pay-what-you-want, donation, recurring subscription & more!
  • Create & sell one or multiple membership levels. 
  • Create a powerful communities-based membership site using the integration between DAP and BuddyBoss.
  • Fully protect your content or partially protect it using shortcodes. Display teaser content using the Sneak Peek feature.
  • Deliver all of your content at once or through a sequential drip feed. 
  • Release content when users complete certain tasks.
  • Restrict access to content published in posts, pages, custom posts, RSS feeds, etc.
  • Restrict content access using tags.
  • Members can access all of their products under a single account.
  • Create a rewards-based membership site where you can award points for different actions and allow users to use their points to unlock access to the locked content.
  • Create and deliver online courses and training programs using DAP's advanced, built-in LMS. No need to pay for an external LMS plugin.
  • Create a stunning member dashboard page using DAP's unique member engagement builder.
  • Use DAP's powerful click/edit member page builder to create (& fully customize) member-facing pages.
  • Sell individual pieces of content (Netflix-style pay-per-post). Sell direct access to your audio, video, WordPress content without creating a product!
  • Create a pay-what-you-want button to allow users to pay-what-they-want for your products and services.
  • A powerful, built-in affiliate management system.
  • Sell access to different types of content: Video, Audio, Articles, PDFs, webinars, WordPress Pages/Posts & Categories, Courses, Training, etc.
  • You can create unlimited products, unlimited membership levels and you can have unlimited members. No limits.
  • Built-in Email Autoresponder & Email Broadcast feature.
  • An automation engine that will allow you to automatically add users to (and remove users from) your email platform.
  • Direct integration with Zapier.
  • Advanced group memberships feature

DAP is one of the most powerful membership plugins for protecting and selling premium content. Whether you want to sell standard memberships, group memberships, online courses, or want to integrate with a community platform such as BuddyBoss, you can get it all up and running in under an hour!

This integration is developed and maintained by Digital Acess Pass (DAP) to work specifically with Buddyboss.  It is the responsibility of this developer to keep the integration updated to ensure it works with the latest versions of BuddyBoss products and address major security concerns.

For support with this integration, please contact the developers.

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