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Onboarding: Module 3

Preparing Your App for Publishing

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Introduction & Session Overview 00:00 – 01:56App Preparation 01:56 – 03:14Review Account 03:14 – 04:00App Store Assets 04:00 – 04:52Version Information 04:52 – 06:12Generating A Release Build 06:12 – 06:55Submit A Publishing Request 06:55 – 11:24Internal App Review Process 11:24 – 12:23App Store Review 12:23 – 13:01Outro 13:01 – 14:44


Done For You Service

App Launch Roadmap PDF


Apple App Store Review Guidelines

Apple App Store Publishing Checklist


Google Play Store Developer Content Policy

Google Play Store Publishing Checklist

BuddyBoss Academy

Dive deeper into any of the specific areas relevant to your app with our self-paced onboarding course; “Getting Started with the BuddyBoss App”, available on-demand at the BuddyBoss Academy.


I Don’t Have a Privacy Policy. Where Can I Get One?

We suggest that you have a legal advisor to help you with creating a Privacy Policy. You can also use a Privacy Policy generator service like https://termsfeed.com or https://iubenda.com/en

How Long Does the App Review Take?

For our Publishing team it will take 1 business day to review your Publishing Request. For Apple and Google it will usually take 3-5 days given that no correction and rejection is there.

Should I Submit Both Applications at the Same Time?

We suggest you submit one application first and then submit the other once the first one is in internal review.

My App Got Rejected, Now What?

Our Publishing Team will reach out to you with reasons of rejection and possible course of actions. If this happens please follow the guidance from the Publishing Team to resolve this.

How Can I Contact the Publishing Team?

The first communication will always be initiated from the Publishing Team after you submit your Publishing Request. You can then simply reach out to the Team by replying to the emails you receive.

You Released a New Feature, Can I Update My App Again?

Yes! And it’s a lot quicker than the initial release.

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