How to set up a social network on WordPress

How WordPress WorksInstall WordPress

The BuddyBoss theme requires that WordPress be installed on your server. WordPress is a free, open source software package to build and manage your own website. Over 60 million people are using WordPress, largely because of how flexible it is – you can choose from tens of thousands of themes and plugins to completely customize the layout and functionality of your site.

How BuddyPress WorksInstall BuddyPress

BuddyPress is a very powerful free plugin that turns your WordPress site into a fully featured social network. It’s developed by an active open source community, led by John James Jacoby. BuddyBoss can run perfectly fine without BuddyPress installed at all, acting as an amazingly mobile WordPress theme, and with BuddyPress enabled it instantly turns into a robust community platform.

How BuddyBoss WorksPick out your theme

BuddyBoss is an incredibly mobile theme for WordPress. It’s mobile to the point of feeling like a native app when used on a phone – perfect for social networks. BuddyBoss is custom tailored for both BuddyPress and bbPress, styling them beautifully on desktops, tablets and phones. BuddyBoss adds Facebook-like functionality to BuddyPress, including Walls, News Feeds, Likes, and user photo uploading with intuitive touch-to-swipe photo galleries.

BuddyPress child themeCustomize your theme

Child themes allow you to customize the look and feel of BuddyBoss. You install both BuddyBoss and your child theme of choice, and then you add all of your code customizations to your child theme, allowing you to update the core BuddyBoss theme without losing all of your edits. BuddyBoss comes packaged with a basic starter child theme.