This is the largest directory of BuddyPress sites.

  1. EasyOutsource


    EasyOutsource is a site where Filipino online job seekers and international employers can connect. It’s 100% free to use. (Full disclosure: EasyOutsource was built by BuddyBoss!)

  2. Fantasy Book News


    Fantasy Book News is powered by BuddyPress and discusses all topics about Books. Members can rate the books based on how they find the book interesting.

  3. The Online Meditation Crew


    The Online Meditation Crew is a group of folks who shares interests in meditation. The purpose of this site is to encourage every individual the practice of meditation through the support and guide of a crew.

  4. Voting 2.0


    Voting 2.0 is a company blog for Votenet Solutions, Inc. which is the leader in online voting for associations and businesses. Its goal is to share the latest news and idea about elections and for the community to have enough knowledge especially in the impact of their business, culture and organization.

  5. Rapidcars


    Rapidcars provides a list of exotic car makes and a compilation of videos about cars. Anyone can also join discussions from different topics about cars.

  6. Free Grafton


    Free Grafton is an online community where anyone can join. Members from the alliance will agree to refrain from the initiation of force, fraud, and coercion.

  7. Vova


    Vova is blog-site developed from BuddyPress. It is a place where the admin posts questions, and the members are welcome to answer them and share their opinions.

  8. KB24


    KB24 is the official website of the famous NBA player, Kobe Bryant. The site includes the latest news about Kobe, online store for anyone who wants to have his limited edition gears and products on shop.

  9. Wijmo


    Wijmo is a website for compilations of jQuery UI widgets. Complex but powerful and highly customizable widgets used to create a web applications including grid, charts and menus can be found here.

  10. Club Belote


    Club Belote is a community website for gamers who have fun playing the French card game Belote. Their website aims to connect all French players and allows users to create their own blog and connect to other social media sites such as Facebook.

  11. gameful

    Gameful is an online community for game developers and users who shares their interests and knowledge on different variety of games that they believe will make them smarter, happier, creative and a better problem-solver. Gameful categorizes their games into Life-changing, Reality-changing, Game-changing and World-changing.

  12. SpyTunes


    SpyTunes provides lessons for those who wanted to learn how to play a guitar for free. There are helpful videos embedded to guide you through out the lesson. Lessons were categorized according to type of student such as Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced users.

  13. Bitsy


    Bitsy is a BuddyPress based site with a wide listings of business services, IT, web and development, sales and marketing, design and media, writing and translation, and other services such as for Engineering, Fashion and Wedding.

  14. Zombies Vs. Hippies


    Zombies Vs. Hippies is a social game based on BuddyPress where players uses smartphones to play with it. You can start earning points by entering codes, scanning tags and completing all missions for a chance to win a $500 gift card.

  15. BP Tricks


    BP-Tricks is a BuddyPress powered community that lets users to share their knowledge about BuddyPress. Everyone can submit new tricks and tips for others to enjoy and have a chance to win awards while doing so.

  16. Operation HQ


    Operation HQ aims to give New Zealanders insight into the Defence Force and its three services: Navy, Army and Air Force. It also demonstrates how their existing interests and skills may be relevant to careers in the three services.

  17. Secret Society of Women


    Secret Society of Women is built for Women community. It is a website where women can share their secrets, emotions and stories. It is considered as confidential community where any woman can post stories without worrying that her identity will be revealed.

  18. Esse Community


    Esse Community is an online community that aims to connect users worldwide. It is an online service allowing professionals, entrepreneurs or technicians to connect with their peers anywhere on the globe. A library of articles is also available related to different topics open to all users.

  19. X-Factor Updates


    X-Factor Updates is developed for the UK-based music talent show. It serves as an online community site where members can read about the latest x-factor updates, gossips and spoilers from their favorite contender. Members can also actively post their comments and discuss different topics under forums.

  20. Association1901

    association1901 is a French online community for non-profit managers. Their editorial committee offers to provide you technical advice regarding the problems of creation and animation of small structures.

  21. Giving Square


    Giving Square is a site for non-sports organizations to help them raise their money online. Supporters of each organization will have access to their website and can contribute money thru their secure online payment.

  22. Giving Sports


    Giving Sports is a site for sports organizations to help them raise their money online. Supporters of each organization will have access to their website and can contribute money thru their secure online payment.

  23. The Chemistry Book


    The Chemistry Book is a social networking website for individuals who want to study and learn all about chemistry. This site was initially created for high school students in California.

  24. Edugroups


    Edugroups is a network that has been set up to enable educators to connect with each other and share tips on using technology with students.

  25. Refresh Augusta


    Refresh Augusta aims to bring together the fragmented web community in Augusta, GA.

  26. Yorgoo Media


    YORGOO Media Publishing Network is powered by BuddyPress and tuned by Semiomantics. Find friends online, connect with them and share your media content in a Search Engine Efficient way. This site is a beta release and a test version.

  27. Swift Themes


    Swift Themes is developed by Satish Gandham, a 23 year old web developer and WordPress lover from India. You can download the Swift Theme for WordPress on this site.

  28. Journal Space


    Journal Space is a site where its members can create their own blogs. Members can also create groups and their blogs have the possibility of being featured at the site’s homepage.

  29. Freelancer Unplugged


    Freelancer Unplugged is a community connecting and promoting freelancers. Users can setup profiles and group forums to connect with clients, visitors and other professionals.

  30. Twins of Combat


    Twins of Combat is a gamer community.

  31. VIP Rakeback


    VIP Rakeback is an online poker community.

  32. Help!


    Help! is a site developed by Dean Robinson, a web developer and designer from Newcastle, Australia, to support all his WordPress plugins, themes and other projects.

  33. Amplify


    Amplify is a service for engaging in conversation around web pages, paragraphs, images, videos or original ideas that make people think.

  34. Share My Playlists

    share-my-playlists is a social networking site where members can share their Spotify playlists with friends and discover new music.

  35. Young People


    Young People is a web portal for youth workers in Switzerland with tons of resources, media tips and information for all teens.

  36. Arts Westchester


    ArtsWestchester is Hudson Valley’s connection to the arts, committed to ensuring that the arts are available and accessible to all Westchester county residents.

  37. Cardio Exchange


    Cardio Exchange is an online community for medical professionals dedicated to improving cardiac patient care.

  38. Mesingi


    Mesingi is a social network for young singers.

  39. Neoncon


    Neoncon is a games community around board and card games.

  40. Favtrip


    Favtrip is a site where users create and update their own travel photoblog, share exciting pictures of awesome places they’re checking in at, set up trips and must-see locations, and much more.

  41. Plazaa


    With Plazaa, users can recommend to their friends the best restaurants, bars and cafes in Germany.

  42. UBC Blogs


    UBC Blogs is a site designed to support teaching and learning initiatives for student, staff, and faculty for the University of British Columbia.

  43. Tufts Roundtable Commons


    The Tufts Roundtable Commons is a social blogger community specific to Tufts University students, faculty, professors, alumni, and staff.

  44. The Naughty Daughters


    The Naughty Daughters is all about the band with a look behind the music, inspiration and event listings.

  45. Trail Running


    Trail Running is a site for people who enjoy running in mountain trails of the different Polish regions.

  46. Blogadera


    Blogadera is a Latino blog directory.

  47. Chwisgi


    Chwisgi is all about whisky. It’s an open social community where every one can read, review and talk about whisky.

  48. De Ellas


    De Ellas is an online fashion and celebrity magazine offering beauty tips, celebrity gossip, healthy living articles and shopping.

  49. Entrepreneur in Making


    Entrepreneur in Making is a community of and for aspiring entrepreneurs, who want to break out of the 9 to 5 cubicle jail, live their dreams and be their own boss.

  50. EVRD


    EVRD stands for “everything random”. It is a site where one can upload random photos and quotes. One can also comment and share their opinions on uploaded files.

  51. Switch Stories


    Switch Stories is a lifestyle design guild and social network built around the stories of people who have made money online.

  52. Fugget


    Fugget allows humorists, both pro and amateur, to build a social profile, publish their own blog, administer groups, and interact via the integrated forums and message boards.

  53. Gameserfs


    Gameserfs is a Social Networking tool made by gamers, for gamers. Whatever your platform, whatever your gaming expertise.

  54. Fisherbook


    Fisherbookis a magazine-style social network dedicated to Italian fly fishing. It is created by Marco Rossi. It is free to join this site.

  55. Gm3r


    Gm3r, pronounced “gamer”, is designed to mold gaming news, reviews, and original features with the site owner’s singularly sharp perspectives. With Gn3r, you get honest, unfiltered gaming editorial.

  56. Going Postal


    Going Postal is a service catering to pen pals, looking to unite people, groups, and forging community connections.

  57. Home Recording Community


    Home Recording Community is a site dedicated to home recorders and home studio engineers – from the largest digital home studios to those still attached to their 4-track.

  58. O Teatro Magico


    O Teatro Magico is a social networking site dedicated to the Brazilian Magic Theatre and its music. Fans can learn about the show, watch videos, and find out about upcoming events.

  59. Huckjive


    Huckjive is an online magazine that showcases indie music, indie films, art, skate, and surf.

  60. Students Circle Network


    Students Circle Network aims to deliver over 10,000 academic course resources, course materials, help and advice from the top 200 partner universities for free, with a focus on under-developed countries. They aim to provide a free world class education to the youths while giving them the opportunity to network with fellow students from across the globe. The site offers live help from lecturers, project discussions, and study groups.

  61. Jeepney Music


    Jeepney Music promotes up and coming emerging Artists & DJ’s. Simultaneously, it fosters a community filled with content and connectivity between music, gossip, travel, food, entertainment, and living histories from the Philippines.

  62. MediaPress


    MediaPress is a social network and a blogging community for bloggers to get the best exposure via the sharing of content and networking. Members can create social bookmarks about interesting articles and online videos.

  63. New York Blogs


    New York Blogs is a blogging platform and a social blogging community in New York City. The site aims to bring readers, blogs, and bloggers together.

  64. Mentor Junction


    Mentor Junction is a non-profit company aiming to develop a robust collaborative social learning and mentoring platform to provide resources & framework for everyone to help them reach their career goals.

  65. Gleeks Online


    Gleeks Online is a network of people who are into the TV series Glee. The site gives updates about the show and members can interact with other “Gleeks”.

  66. Pavilion Interactive


    Pavilion Interactive is the digital/social media/web 2.0 arm of OLM Group that focuses on social media, interactive communications and tools to help people make better decisions.

  67. Blogatize


    Blogatize is a social blog network. It gives members free use of a ready-made blog. Members can also interact with other bloggers in the network.

  68. CSS Activity


    CSS Activity is a social networking site for anybody who can appreciate beautiful website design. Members can take screenshots of websites that catch their attention and bookmark them on the site.

  69. Photoshop Tutorials


    As its name suggests, Photoshop Tutorials is a place where its members can learn Photoshop.

  70. ScenePR


    ScenePRis a media, arts, and entertainment network. It started in 2004 as a small gathering of filmmakers that has since grown into 5000+ members from the art, film, fashion, music, social/digital media industry.

  71. Ecoerth


    Ecoerth is an online community that offers information on living a healthy lifestyle. This is a place where members can learn and share information about health, wellness and sustainable living.

  72. RelivEarth


    RelivEarth is the hub for Wildlife and Nature lovers.

  73. Sofa Stop


    Sofa Stop is a social community of backpackers and travelers. They give assistance to their members by helping them find a place to stay for their travels.

  74. Caryl


    Caryl is a French web community which was created to share the experiences of expatriates in Morocco.

  75. The EMF


    The Enterprise Mobility Foundation’s mission is to be the global community builder and evangelist for showcasing the value of successfully deploying and managing mobility solutions within organizations in the public and private sector.

  76. Film Maker IQ


    Film Maker IQ is a community created for and by filmmakers from all over the world. Members interact and share knowledge and techniques related to filmmaking.

  77. The Secret Bistro


    The Secret Bistro is a social network of cooking enthusiasts. Meet other people around the world interested in cooking, sharing recipes and cooking techniques.

  78. Runners Buzz


    Runners Buzz is a social network of runners from all over the world. Here, they can connect with other runners, share links, training and diet tips, etc.

  79. Blog Bowler


    Blog Bowler–as the name suggests–is a blog about bowling! It is an online network where bowlers of all ages, from all over the world, can meet and share about their sport.

  80. Topics AreaVoices


    Topics AreaVoices is owned by parent company Forum Communications and is a discussion forum encouraging informed public opinion, debate, and commentary on current events.

  81. Androinica


    Androinica is a blog focused on the Google Android operating system. They help users make the most out of their android phones, reviewing applications and phones; giving tips and tutorials; and posting the latest news on the android market.

  82. Travel-Junkie


    Travel-Junkie is a website that caters to the low-budget, long-term and off-the-beaten-track traveller and aims to be a valuable resource for all things backpacking.

  83. >Food Network Humor


    Food Network Humor is a website that pokes fun on the Food Network’s hosts and shows. You can register to be a member, upload photos, write comments, and connect with other members.

  84. Web2NewYork


    Web2NewYork is a professional community for post-internet media, advertising and business, with monthly networking parties at Gallery Bar in New York.

  85. h Mag


    h Mag is an online luxury website of everything hip in Hoboken, NJ. Beyond the articles, members create profiles, invite friends, create groups, etc.

  86. Startup Weekend


    Startup Weekend is a 54 hour event that builds communities, companies and projects. It is a community of developers, business managers, startup enthusiasts, marketing gurus, graphic artists and more.

  87. KevJumba


    KevJumba is the personal website of Kevin Wu who also has a popular YouTube channel named “KevJumba”. Mr. Wu developed a fan base of his YouTube videos that are described by enthusiasts as “funny” and “mesmerizing.” This website has a blog, a community, and sells merchandise.

  88. Cultura Digital


    Cultura Digital is a social network for the Brazilian digital culture run by the Brazilian Culture Ministry.

  89. Kodingen


    Kodingen is a cloud development environment, code editor, hosting service, database administration program, and collaboration platform.

  90. My Telegraph


    My Telegraph is the social networking arm of the Daily Telegraph, one of UK’s major publications. Members can discuss news, politics, sports, and finance, among others.

  91. Wordlab


    Wordlab is a community that will chime in with naming and branding suggestions. Here, members can help other members with their naming projects.

  92. Ancestry 24


    Ancestry 24 is South Africa’s Premier Genealogy and Ancestry Web Site. It is South Africa’s most extensive ancestral and genealogical database.

  93. GooCine


    GooCine is a community of movie enthusiasts.

  94. Nourish Network


    Nourish Network is a place where members talk about how to maintain a comfortable weight and healthy body, and how to eat more sustainably or even how to enjoy cooking.

  95. Virgin Media Pioneers


    Virgin Media Pioneers is a UK website that aims to connect young entrepreneurs with established business experts. Their purpose is to bridge the gap between young people with great ideas with the people who can help them make it happen.

  96. VW Tank Wars


    VW Tank Wars is a community of VW drivers. They can track their mileage scores, ranking, upload photos, and just plain hang out with VW drivers like themselves.


    ooizit is a UK social network for new music enthusiasts and a platform for discovering new bands. The site offers tips for aspiring musical artists, event information and free music downloads!

  98. Wildlife Fans


    Wildlife Fans is a social networking site for people who are passionate about wildlife. Members can share their experience with meeting animals in the wild or their concern about threatened species.

  99. Ride Oregon


    Ride Oregonis an official site of Oregon’s Tourism Commission and part of the Travel Oregon Network. This is a place where bike enthusiasts can learn about trails, road routes and events for cycling in that beautiful state.

  100. Come Recommended

    come-recommended is a social networking site where interns and entry-level job candidates connect and learn from potential employers about best practices for today’s job search.

  101. Sheepworld


    Sheepworld is a German website that sells sheep-designed gifts and postcards.

  102. My Chatbox


    My Chatbox is a passive micro blogging community that is easy to use and where anyone can start micro blogging right away.

  103. Temple Fox MIS


    Temple Fox MIS is the Fox School of Business, Temple University’s social media site for the top 10 ranked Department of Management Information Systems. The site focuses on research and teaching related to the development, implementation, management, and impact of information.

  104. Loving Futbol


    Loving Futbol – share your enthusiasm of the sport with the rest of the world!

  105. ulture 360


    Culture 360 aims to stimulate cultural engagements between Asia and Europe. It’s a social platform that promotes discussion and reflection on the connection between Asia and Europe through arts and culture.

  106. CUNY Academic Commons


    CUNY Academic Commons is geared towards helping faculty development, research, and teaching for the City University of New York.

  107. MSU – School of Journalism


    This is the social networking website of the Michigan State University’s School of Journalism.

  108. Human Operating System


    Human Operating System is a community of people dedicated to “rebooting” their lives to live more purposefully.

  109. Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine


    This site is the official website of the School of Medicine of Virginia Tech.

  110. Flokka


    Flokka is an online blog community of women with an interest in business. Here, they can promote their business and even find new clients, share ideas and inspire each other.



    Unstructure is a discussion platform where business professionals, bloggers, and contemporary thought leaders come together to discuss ideas that will drive the evolution of business and business processes.

  112. TechBoise


    TechBoise is a social community focused on building a strong Tech Community in and around Boise, Idaho; and spotlights the people and companies making a difference.

  113. We Heart This


    We Heart This is a place for women to convene and gush about the stuff that they love – from the trivial to the substantial. Girls will absolutely love this site.

  114. Scuba Vagabonds


    Scuba Vagabonds is a social network and scuba community catering to the needs of divers and to the diving industry. Get as close to diving as possible without getting wet!

  115. I Live with a Disability


    I Live with a Disability is a social networking site of people with disabilities, their family, and friends. Here, they can meet other people who share the same fate and share their love, support, and empowerment.

  116. Inksie


    Inksie is a brand, online community, and a shop in one. They sell mostly t-shirts designed by veterans and newbies is the design business. Their shop has well-designed products by designers from around the world.

  117. Solo Practice University


    Solo Practice University aims to build a networking community of solo-practice lawyers and law students. You need to “enroll” to attend courses, participate in the community, create blogs, etc.

  118. You Look Fab


    For all you style lovers out there, You Look Fab is the place to find daily fashion advice and tips from a fashion pro. It is a site for all sizes, ages, lifestyles and budgets.

  119. Tasty Kitchen


    Tasty Kitchen is Pioneer Woman, Ree’s, community of kitchen enthusiasts. Here, you can share recipes from appetizers to desserts. Since Ree is also an avid photographer, the pictures of food in this site are good enough to eat.

  120. Vivanista


    Vivanista is a social network of lady philanthropists. Here, they can share their tips and best practices in fundraising.

  121. Hello Eco Living


    Hello Eco Living is a social networking site for people who is conscious about our environment. They call themselves “the best green network on the planet”.

  122. Evening Pints


    Evening Pints is a social forum of monthly meet up were folks relax in a pub and talk about all things web related. You can post your own events, track attendees, and upload those fun pictures the morning after!

  123. The Shift Mob


    The Shift Mob is a free resource connecting Washington, D.C. area organizations in need of quick, creative solutions and individuals looking for a venue in which to display their talents.

  124. We Earth


    We Earth is a global community of socially-conscious individuals connecting through art, activism and media. We Earth looks to make a positive change in society through thoughtful and intentional living.



    Bettercodes is a community of software developers. Here, they can connect with other software developers from all over the world and share thoughts, ideas, and information.

  126. Indie Threads


    Are you a t-shirt fanatic? Then, Indie threads is the community for you. Its focus is to bring together t-shirt companies and their fans.

  127. Solarife


    Solarife uses WordPress Multisite and BuddyPress to create awareness about the use of solar technology and also to support various Non profit initiatives.

  128. Irrational Games


    Irrational Games is an award-winning video game developer. They use both wordpress and buddypress for their site. They also have a community with a blog and a forum.

  129. GigaOm Pro


    GigaOM Pro provides real-time expert industry analysis on infrastructure, mobile, green IT and consumer technology sectors.

  130. ND Pick’em


    ND Pick’em is a site for Notre Dame Football fans. Here, one can join a community of other Notre Dame fans and share their love for the sport. (Full disclosure: ND Pick’em was built by BuddyBoss!)


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