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How we became a BuddyPress development company

When we decided to build EasyOutsource, a community job site, our first attempt was to build it on the Drupal platform. At the time it appeared to be the best solution available due to several plugins that could potentially, when combined, work as a social networking site. However we discovered a number of issues with Drupal, mainly that these […]

What’s new in WordPress 3.0

WordPress 3.0 was recently released as a major update to the WordPress content management system. In this post I will explain some of the bigger features included with WP 3.0. 1. WordPress MU merged into WordPress WordPress Multi-User, better known as Wordpress MU, has existed for years as an offshoot of WordPress. WordPress 3.0 merged […]

Panel Discussion: Using Wordpress To Develop Content And Drive SEO Results

In September I will be doing my first presentation with the Chicago Search Engine Optimization Meetup Group. The presentation will be titled “Harnassing The Power of Wordpress To Develop Content And Drive SEO Results.” Another WordPress expert, Carolyn Shelby, and myself will be doing a panel discussion  about Wordpress’ advantages for developing content and driving SEO results. Carolyn […]

How to install WordPress

WordPress can be installed two ways. You can do it using the “Fantastico” instant WordPress install as provided by certain web hosts. If you are not using a host that has Fantastico or just prefer to do it manually, you can install it via FTP. I will go over both methods below. Skip to the manual […]

WordPress Introduction

I will be giving a presentation introducing WordPress on August 31st. This is your chance to learn more about what WordPress is and how it can work to help you make a beautiful, functional and easy to maintain website. I am one of the organizers and a regular speaker of the Chicago Online Marketing Group. […]

How to set up recurring billing subscriptions in BuddyPress

Setting up recurring billing in BuddyPress takes some advanced knowledge, but if you’re a web developer it will be easier than you might expect. And incredibly powerful. The following is a detailed guide on how to set up paid subscriptions with multiple levels of access on a BuddyPress-powered website. The four things you will need […]

BuddyPress features for your online community

BuddyPress, a plugin for WordPress, gives you all the features you need to create fully-capable social networking community, including the following: Extended Profiles: Members can fill in fields of information that let other members of the community get to know them better. Avatars: Members can upload a photo of themselves to display on their profile […]

How to remove the BuddyPress Admin Bar

Do you want to completely remove the BuddyPress admin bar from your site? It’s actually pretty easy. To remove the admin bar, open up your favorite FTP program and go to your bp-custom.php file in your site’s theme. If you don’t have one, create a file called bp-custom.php. Then add the following line to the […]