Announcing the BuddyBoss Affiliate Program

Nov 20 2013 - 2 MINS READ

We are proud to announce the BuddyBoss Affiliate Program!

BuddyBoss has grown over the years because of our wonderful customers spreading the word about the super mobile layout, unparalleled BuddyPress integration and outstanding customer support. We’d like to reward all of you who recommend our product. All existing customers are already set up as affiliates. Not a customer? No problem. You can still sign up to be an affiliate.

Promote BuddyBoss and earn $16.50 (30%) on every sale you refer. It's easy!

  • It’s free to join
  • No need to be a BuddyBoss customer
  • Monthly payouts – no minimums
  • Detailed referral reporting
  • 60 day session cookie

How do I join the affiliate program?


  1. Our program is free to join.
  2. Sign up for a BuddyBoss affiliate account. If you’re an existing customer, just login to access your automated affiliate account.
  3. After the fast signup, you will receive a unique affiliate link and banners to place on your website, social channels, newsletters, or emails.

How do I refer traffic?


  1. After you publish your affiliate links and banners people will start coming to BuddyBoss and making purchases.
  2. Every time a visitor who has clicked on your affiliate link makes a purchase here, you will see a commission in your affiliate portal.
  3. You can log into your affiliate portal at any time and see how many people clicked on your referral links, how many actually converted, and how much money in commissions you have pending.

How do I make money?


  1. When you refer a theme purchase for $55, you receive $16.50 (30%) in commissions.
  2. Be sure to add your preferred PayPal email after signing in so that you can get paid for the customers you refer.
  3. Once per month you will get paid for all of your commissions to your PayPal account in US dollars.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today and start earning money!

Become an affiliate →   If you are an existing customer you are already set up. Just log in and head to the affiliate portal.