Affiliate Guidelines

Website Approval For BuddyBoss Affiliate Program

Here at BuddyBoss, we welcome blogs and websites to participate in our Affiliate Program. Approval is given to sites that are fully functional. If it’s still being developed, then we’d prefer it if you apply after the site is completed. We are strongly against spam or scraper sites and they will not be approved. Additionally, we have the right to refuse or revoke membership of any website that contains objectionable material.

Adapting The BuddyBoss Name In A Domain Name

Affiliates who wish to market the BuddyBoss name in a top-level domain are required to obtain consent from BuddyBoss LLC before proceeding.

Sample Affiliate Disclaimer

Once an affiliate obtains a written approval from BuddyBoss LLC to use the BuddyBoss name, he or she must have an affiliate disclaimer in the site footer.

Here is an example:

“An independent affiliate marketer of BuddyBoss owns this website. BuddyBoss LLC, BuddyPress, Automattic Inc., or WordPress has not sponsored it in any way. WordPress and BuddyPress are registered trademarks of their respective owners.”

Using BuddyBoss Name In URLs, Ads, Or Promotions

Here at BuddyBoss, we fully support our affiliate’s promoting our products. Still we need everything to be legitimate. Therefore, all BuddyBoss affiliates are required to obtain a written consent from BuddyBoss LLC for use of the term BuddyBoss on all social networking site URLs, just to name a few – FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, Pinterest, and more.

Twitter Promotion Of Affiliate Links With The Hashtag #BuddyBoss

BuddyBoss prohibits the use of Twitter hashtag #BuddyBoss during BuddyBoss-related discussions since these are considered spam links with a hidden affiliate link.

BuddyBoss Affiliate Links On Pinterest

Affiliates can pin contents to their Pinterest boards. However, undisclosed affiliate links on BuddyBoss-related pins are not allowed.

Using Your Own BuddyBoss Affiliate Link To Purchase Themes

Affiliates will not receive any commission from personal purchases using their own affiliate link. On the other hand, we do understand there may be considerable situations where your business profits using this process. Before you begin using your own links for sales, we advise you to get in touch with us. This way, we can reach an agreement that will be beneficial for both sides.

BuddyBoss Affiliate Program Violation

If anything is unclear in regards to our Affiliate guidelines, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Together with your help, we can iron out all issues so that both sides can benefit. Just an added note, affiliates who are found guilty of violating BuddyBoss Affiliate Program Guidelines will not receive any commissions on that specific transaction violation. We don’t want to terminate any affiliate account, such a situation is only likely if the Affiliate has incurred excessive violations. Again, never hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to assist you to reach your goals.