Affiliate Questions

What is the BuddyBoss Affiliate Program?

You will be financially rewarded by advertising our BuddyBoss themes and plugins to your audience. When people click your links and purchase BuddyBoss products, we will pay your commission on every successful sale.

How to join the BuddyBoss Affiliate Program

ShareASale, the most popular affiliate management network, manages the BuddyBoss Affiliate Program. Apply here for our Affiliate Program. The form will allow you to join ShareASale at the same time.

What is ShareAsale?

ShareASale is one of the most popular advertising networks in the world and has received multiple awards over the years. It is currently the market leader in the affiliate industry. ShareASale provides accurate and guaranteed payments to all its affiliate members, complete with real-time commission statements for the BuddyBoss affiliate program, including tracking and reporting.

How does the BuddyBoss Affiliate Program work?

By placing banners, links, product reviews, or other content on your website, you can refer customers to our website. Once your referral purchases one of our products you will get a commission. You can receive your commission payments via your selected ShareASale payment option.

Do I need to pay to be a BuddyBoss Affiliate?

No, everything is free when you join our Affiliate Program. No hidden costs. No sales quotas to be maintained.

How much does a BuddyBoss Affiliate earn?

There is no ceiling and our products convert well, so your earnings are really up to you! Our average purchase order is over $150 and for every sale you automatically earn a 30% commission. If you advertise a lot you could make a nice side income.

Are BuddyBoss promotions allowed on multiple websites?

YES! You can promote BuddyBoss on as many sites as you’d like. Keep in mind, the more referrals you have, the higher earnings you’ll get. Even websites outside the US are free to join – we accept websites from most countries to our affiliate program. However, BuddyBoss has the right to refuse applications from websites that contain objectionable materials.

Can I become a BuddyBoss Affiliate even if I don’t have a website?

The answer is YES! Many people promote our links through emails, newsletters, and social networking sites.

Finding BuddyBoss Affiliate banners or text links

To find our affiliate banners or links, just log into your ShareASale affiliate account and follow these easy steps:

  • Look for the “Get Links” column and then click the “Get a Link/Banner” link
  • In the merchant box, look for “BuddyBoss”
  • Click”Get Links” in the report list
  • You can click any of these links: Text Links | Banners | or VIEW ALL creatives available
  • Choose your preferred banner, text link, or creative and click its [Get this Banner’s HTML Code] link.

Strategic placement Of BuddyBoss Affiliate links

It’s best to place your BuddyBoss affiliate links on your website or blog in plain sight where your visitors can easily see them. If your links are hard to find you will get less conversions, leading to fewer commissions.

BuddyBoss will answer your questions

If you have a question in mind, then get in touch with us. You can reach us by email at [email protected] and we will reply as soon as possible.