Easily add a BuddyPress Facebook Wall

May 01 2011 - 1 MINS READ

The BuddyBoss theme for BuddyPress adds a Facebook-style “Wall” to user profiles. Users can post status updates, reply on each other's walls, and even embed videos to their Wall.

BuddyPress can be confusing out of the box. The whole “@mentions” system is unfamiliar and requires a learning curve. Your users are already comfortable with Facebook and they intuitively understand how it works. Why should BuddyPress make them relearn everything? With BuddyBoss, they don't have to. We are proud to introduce the first theme to ever include a fully functional Facebook Wall.

The “Wall” converts @mentions into Wall posts. The implications of this are that most Activity-related plugins should still work, and that if you turn the Wall off (which you can do at any time) everything will revert to the default @mentions setup.