3 weeks after launch! (Coupon inside)

Jul 04 2019 - 3 MINS READ

3 weeks ago, we launched the new BuddyBoss Theme and Platform. The response was so amazing, we couldn’t believe what was happening!

Our team had been working on this product for over 2 years. We knew we had built something really awesome, but still, we had no idea how the market would react to it. 

Within hours of launching, dozens of customers were already using the BuddyBoss Platform and Theme. Within a week, we had hundreds of customers building their site on the new BuddyBoss Theme. 

Our customer support team needed more help to answer the many questions we were receiving from all of you. 

So, we brought in more team members into the support team, and both my business partner Michael and I started helping with the customer support tickets. 

The best part of answering support tickets was seeing what our customers were creating. 

It is so fulfilling to be able to see the different websites our customers were putting together. It all was happening so fast, and we were overwhelmed with emotions. 

We have received so many really awesome emails and comments from all of you telling us how much you loved working with the new BuddyBoss Theme and how the new product was able to save you from months of development.

Here are some of the testimonials we've received: 


We also were pleasantly surprised to see Adam Preiser, founder of WPCrafter purchase a copy, and decide to move his own website to the BuddyBoss Theme and Platform. 

Many of you asked about the Mobile App announcement, and we apologize for not launching as expected. We were overwhelmed by the response to the new BuddyBoss Theme and Platform, so we decided to focus on ramping up our customer support team, to make sure we offer the best experience for our customers, before we move to the next thing. 

We’re hoping to do the Mobile App launch sometime later this month. 

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