17 Free BuddyPress Plugins to Build a Remarkable Community Site
Oct 11 2015 - 9 MINS READ

Want to take your community site to the next level?

If so, you need to read this.

You know there are so many things that your members could be secretly wanting from your site. It could be that some members have privacy concerns or others would like to be able to invite their friends and so much more.

You could even be looking for a better way to control or monetize your site.

But everything can’t be inbuilt, right? So here are 18 amazing free BuddyPress plugins to maximize your community site.

1. Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Memberships Pro is the leading payment collection plugin for membership sites. It lets you define unlimited membership levels and configure access settings for each. You can use it to restrict access to different areas on your site like pages, posts, categories, videos, forums, downloads, support and many others (and also to grant access based on membership levels).

Allowing drip content is a very popular feature of this plugin. In case you don’t know, drip content is a way to grant access to content in a controlled manner. Suppose you’ve setup a course where you require your members to pay monthly. Instead of giving access to your full course material immediately, you’d like to introduce some content each month so that your students don’t run away after downloading all the courseware. No wonder this plugin is highly recommended for powering online courses delivered via a WordPress site.

Paid Memberships Pro supports a number of payment gateways including Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.net, and 2Checkout. Settings for all the payment gateways can be configured through a single page. Also, for adding people to different lists based on their membership levels, Paid Memberships Pro extends support to MailChimp, AWeber, ConstantContact, GetResponse and Infushionsoft.

40,000+ active installs | Download

2. BuddyPress Global Search

BuddyPress Global Search

BuddyPress Global Search is a handy plugin to add an advanced, unified search to a BuddyPress site. You can set the search results to include any of your site’s components including members, forums, groups, activities, messages, pages, and posts. You can also add custom post types into the search.

As a user types in the search phrase, the search results start appearing in a live dropdown.

2000+ active installs | Download

3. BP Profile Search

BP Profile Search lets visitors search for BuddyPress members based on profile fields. You just need to setup a search form and place it anywhere in your members directory or in a widget area in your theme’s sidebar. Existing members can use the same search form to look for people in their friend list.

You can set the plugin to show only the exact matches in the search results or can relax this a bit by showing similar results.

9000+ active installs | Download

4. BuddyPress Follow

BuddyPress Follow

BuddyPress Follow is a simple plugin to add Twitter like engagement to a BuddyPress site. It adds Follow/Unfollow buttons to user profiles. And just like Twitter, your users can start following (or unfollowing) each other.

Also, a following activity tab is added to each member’s profile.

3000+ active installs | Download

5. BuddyPress Edit Activity

BuddyPress Edit Activity

BuddyPress Edit Activity is a lightweight BuddyPress plugin that enables your members to edit their activity posts and replies from the frontend. You can set a time limit until which an activity post or reply remains editable.

While configuring, you can choose to give admins the editing privilege too (in addition to the member).

1000+ active installs | Download

6. BP Group Documents

BP Group Documents creates a page where members of a BuddyPress group can upload different file types and documents. The uploaded content can be edited or deleted by the group member who uploaded it or by the group’s admin. If you’re running a private group, you can require members to authenticate themselves to be able to download a file.

You can choose to allow just a group’s admin or moderator to be able to upload files.

If you want to create an archive of downloadable user generated content, this is a nice plugin that you could consider.

2000+ active installs | Download

7. Invite Anyone

Invite Anyone allows a BuddyPress site member to send invites to outsiders via emails. It adds a “Send Invites” tab to an existing member’s profile that h/she can use to ask other people to join the site. The invite consists of a form with a field for a custom message. Invite Anyone also enables group members to invite non-friends to join their group.

Additionally, a site member who sends an invitation to join a certain group can set the plugin to automatically send invites to the invitee to a number of other groups once the invitation is accepted. Also, with the auto-suggest feature, it doesn’t take long to find the people whom you’d like to invite.

If you want to boost your community’s outreach, go for this plugin.

6000+ active installs | Download

8. BuddyPress Reorder Tabs

BuddyPress Reorder Tabs adds a nifty little feature to a BuddyPress site that allows the site admin to set any tab as the default tab that users land on.

It also lets you easily reorder the tabs and sub-tabs (and even custom tabs) on BuddyPress Profiles and Groups using simple drag and drop. Doing this manually would require complicated code edits.


9. BuddyDrive


BuddyDrive lets a site’s members upload and share files and folders. You can choose to restrict the uploading capability to specific user roles. You can also define the maximum space available to each member and the maximum file upload size.

Members can upload, edit, and delete files and folders directly from their members page.

You can set the plugin to give access to a file (or folder) to (1) just the file’s owner, (2) the owner’s friends, (3) the owner’s fellow group members, (4) people who have access to the password to unlock the file, (5) or simply to everyone.

1000+ active installs | Download

10. BuddyPress Docs

BuddyPress Docs lets your BuddyPress site members collaborate on documents. You can see (and the developer explicitly says) that BuddyPress Docs is like the BuddyPress version of Google Docs. I also think that it’s the best way to put it.

BuddyPress Docs’ features include shared access to a document between users and groups, sortable and filterable document lists, simple frontend WYSIWYG editor, and autosave among others.

Unlike Google Docs, you can’t have multiple users working on a document. Instead, the plugin comes with a one-editor-at-a-time system to avoid overwrites. But just like Google Docs, you can access each document’s revision history.

4000+ active installs | Download

11. BuddyPress Group Extras

BuddyPress Groups Extras lets BuddyPress group admins add custom fields and pages to their groups. You can use BuddyPress Groups Extras to define a set of custom fields that can be imported to all the groups on a site or just specific ones. And you can create several custom group pages that you can choose to display or hide.

If you aren’t happy with the default group details that BuddyPress lets you add, you can use this plugin to add a lot of additional and custom information.

2000+ active installs | Download

12. BuddyPress Group Email Subscription

BuddyPress Group Email Subscription lets you notify your group members about the latest group activity and forum posts via email.

This plugin supports 5 subscription levels:

No Email (no update emails)
Weekly Summary Email (a summary of new topics posted through the week)
Daily Digest Email (an update about the full day’s activity bundled into a single email)
New Topics Email (an update about the newly posted topics as they’re posted)
All Email ( an update about every group activity as it happens)

You can set any of these subscription levels as default for new members. They can, however, update their subscription levels as they like.

6000+ active installs | Download

13. Unconfirmed

Unconfirmed lets you resend confirmation emails to your BuddyPress members who haven’t activated their accounts. And to find out the users who haven’t done so, Unconfirmed adds a dashboard panel that displays a list of the unregistered user registrations. For each of these members, you can choose to resend the original confirmation email or activate their accounts manually.

With all the different Gmail tabs, SPAM triggers, and a ton of other things, it’s easy to lose an email. Following-up is not a bad idea after all.

1000+ active installs | Download

14. BuddyPress Security Check

BuddyPress Security Check lets you combat spam registrations by creating an additional field on your registration form. This field requires the user to calculate and enter the answer to an easy addition or subtraction math question.

There are no settings to configure, just activate the plugin and you’re set.

3000+ active installs | Download

15. BuddyPress Activity Privacy

BuddyPress Activity Privacy

BuddyPress Activity Privacy lets users control who can view their activity and media files on a BuddyPress site.

So a user can decide if his/her activity should be visible to: Anyone, Logged In Users, Friends, Admins Only, Only the User, Friends in Group, Group Members, Mentioned Members and more. Users can apply these settings to their published posts as well.

3000+ installs | Download

16. BuddyPress Activity Plus

BuddyPress Activity Plus

BuddyPress Activity Plus is a cool plugin to spice up the activity function of a BuddyPress site. It lets your users upload images and embed videos and links into a post.

Embedding a link pulls the site’s title and description automatically and also allows the user choose a thumbnail image from the images on the site.

10000+ installs | Download

17. Buddypress Xprofile Custom Fields Type

Buddypress Xprofile Custom Fields Type adds custom fields like birthdate, email, web, file, image and many more to the Xprofile BuddyPress extension.

It’s possible to restrict the number of characters in a field and set the image format and the maximum upload size. You can find all the required code snippets here.

5000+ active installs | Download

So these are 17 of our favorite free BuddyPress plugins. And no, we aren’t skewed toward our own offerings in the list — they really qualify 😉

Which other plugins would you like to add to this list? Do share in the comments!