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    One of the top questions in the BuddyBoss support forums is how to translate BuddyBoss into another language. This guide will step you through the process from signing up for a account to editing the po file that will include your language translations.

    Step 1
    Go to to register for a wordpress account. Make sure you activate it since we will be using this in step 2.

    Step 2
    Go to and log in using your wordpress account

    Step 3
    Select your desired translation from the page. After your selection scroll to the bottom of the page and export ALL CURRENT as PO.

    Step 4
    Download a program called Poedit here:

    Step 5
    Make edits to the PO file if you feel the translation is wrong

    Step 6
    Save the PO file, by default a MO file should be saved when you save the PO file, if not change your settings in the program or save as a MO separately

    Step 7
    Upload the file to your server using a FTP program like FileZilla to wp-content/languages. If your server does not have a languages folder now is the time to create one.

    Step 8
    Edit your wp-config.php file and edit the line like:
    define(‘WPLANG’, ”);
    To something like this:
    define(‘WPLANG’, ‘en_US’);
    Please note that your entry will be DIFFERENT than this one for english depending on which language file you downloaded.

    Step 9
    Check your site and make sure you can understand everything, otherwise you can make changes as necessary to the PO file and re-upload as necessary.

    Here is a list of locations of BuddyBoss specific words:
    #: sidebar-home-left.php:14
    msgid “Hi”

    #: sidebar-home-left.php:21
    msgid “View My Profile”

    #: sidebar-home-left.php:22
    msgid “Edit My Profile”

    #: sidebar-home-left.php:23
    msgid “Change My Avatar”

    #: sidebar-home-left.php:24
    msgid “Browse Members”

    #: buddy_boss_wall.php:36
    msgid “News Feed”

    #: buddy_boss_wall.php:37
    msgid “My Likes”

    #: buddy_boss_wall.php:38
    msgid “Wall”

    #: buddy_boss_wall.php:415
    #: buddy_boss_wall.php:440
    msgid “person”

    #: buddy_boss_wall.php:415
    #: buddy_boss_wall.php:440
    #: buddy_boss_wall.php:522
    msgid “people”

    #: buddy_boss_wall.php:416
    #: buddy_boss_wall.php:441
    msgid “like”

    #: buddy_boss_wall.php:416
    #: buddy_boss_wall.php:441
    msgid “likes”

    #: buddy_boss_wall.php:417
    #: buddy_boss_wall.php:443
    msgid “this”

    #: buddy_boss_wall.php:514
    #: buddy_boss_wall.php:522
    msgid “mentioned”

    #: buddy_boss_wall.php:533
    msgid “in a public message”

    #: buddy_boss_wall.php:552
    msgid “%s wrote on %s Wall”

    #: activity/entry.php:73
    #: activity/entry-wall.php:61
    msgid “Comment (%s)

    Happy Translating!

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    Anthony Jones

    Is there a way to do this for multiple languages? So for example have an English Version and a Spanish Version at the same time?

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    I made this exactly as discribed. But nothing is translated? I have translated every word in poedit.
    Do you know whats wrong?

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    I changed the theme to default. Then some more words were translated – as the date on posts. But when changing back to buddypress its english again :S

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    Is buddypress not compatible with language pack?

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    php verision 5.2.8?


    @prell1 some words are custom to BuddyBoss. With the release of version 2.0.2 you can find the po file in buddyboss/languages you will need to use this file AND the BuddyPress language file in order to translate everything. If something is not translated please let me know and I will add it to the next version of BuddyBoss.

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    Nothing is translated for me when I do as instructed. What can be wrong?


    @prell1 you need to add your own translations for the BuddyBoss po file. We only provide the file of English words, you need to translate to your own language.

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    Where do I find Buddyboss Po file??

    How do I do in step 8 when using two files??

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    Great, i did all this work on weekend and now i got almost all my Site in spanish.



    @prell1 the file is located in the most recent release of BuddyBoss in the location “buddyboss/languages/”

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    How can I add the words to po file ?

    I added the words with notepad to the buddypress po file, when I open the file with poedit, it shows “Malformed Header” error and the added entry doesn’t show, Also, Mo file is not created because of the error.


    @ochiba translations do not work by simply adding words to the file. Each word must be placed into a function and referenced the the proper po file based on the location of the file defined by the gettext function in the themes function file. Here is a link to everything you need to know about WordPress translation and files: I hope this helps

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