• Editor Rating: 4.5 out of 5
  • Download Link: WP-FB-AutoConnect
  • Plugin version: 1.3.5
  • We tested with: WordPress 3.0.1, BuddyPress
  • Author: Justin Klein
  • Price: Free

Facebook is no doubt the most popular social networking site and almost everyone on the internet has a Facebook account. So, wouldn’t it be nice if your users could log into your BuddyPress site with their existing Facebook login credentials? This is just what the plugin WP-FB-AutoConnect aims to do.

It claims that although there are already a lot of other “Facebook Connect” plugins, WP-FB-AutoConnect is one of the most simple to use and customize.  So, I went ahead and installed the plugin to see if it is really as easy as the developer claims it to be.

First off, I needed to set up an application on Facebook for our website, which was pretty easy given the straightforward instructions on the plugin’s homepage.  After setting up the application, installing the plugin was a matter of going to our website’s dashboard and installing it from there, which is pretty much the same way all other BuddyPress plugins are installed.

After activating the plugin, the instructions said that a Facebook button will automatically be added to its built-in login panel.  However, this was not the case when I went to our site’s home page. Instead, I had to add the WP-FB-AutoConnect widget to the sidebar, which was also mentioned in the instructions given. Although I had to add the widget before the Facebook button appeared, the extra step wasn’t that much of a hassle and I didn’t really mind having to do it.

I then tried logging into our site using the “Login with Facebook” button and a window popped up requesting my permission to connect with my Facebook page.  After approving the permission, I was successfully logged on to our site.  I didn’t have to do much after that and after I tried to log out and log in again using the same button, and I wasn’t asked the same permission request a second time.

From a user perspective, not having too many pop-up windows and the simplicity of logging in using the widget is very much welcome.  You don’t have to go through layers of permissions just to be able connect your Facebook account with your favorite BuddyPress site.

From the perspective of someone installing the plugin, it was very straightforward and the ease of being able to install the plugin even for someone installing a plugin for the first time is a great thing.

Overall, WP-FB-AutoConnect lives up to its claim of simplicity and ease of use.

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This simple plugin is actually nice.. Though I'm having a little trouble on placing a custom link to my there.

Over all 4.5 / 5 is a nice rating..


I meat "Placing a custom link to my theme"

Its fine now. Just added these lines..

//Show a "Login with Facebook" button


//Initialize the Facebook API (and any login buttons on the page)


//Output the JS callback that redirects us to process_login.php


Profile photo of Honey Young


Thanks for this!


I use this Plugin in BuddyPress application, I can see the profile of Facebook's member.


All seems work well until i log out from the site then the problem appear, the log out page is empty, any suggestion on how to fix this, i am using the free version.

Profile photo of TJ Chester (Admin)

Uninstall the plugin, test if it is still blank, then reinstall the plugin.


Checkout my site, plugin is not working.

Can you give me suggestion to fix this?

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TeckStack unfortunately we only support our theme


Hej, nice post, but how can i add a custom facebook connect link in my theme, cause this is not working:

//Show a “Login with Facebook” button


//Initialize the Facebook API (and any login buttons on the page)


//Output the JS callback that redirects us to process_login.php



WOW just what I was searching for. Came here

by searching for Jon Wroten



I can put this plugin into the sidebar to login, but I cannot put it onto the login site. There is still no option to login with facebook. Can somebody help me out here?

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I would suggest contacting the plugin author. He has full instructions here: http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-fb-autoconnect/installation/


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